Welcome to Bury Community Hydro.

We’re a local group in Bury, Manchester, working to establish a hydro energy project in Bury, using an existing river weir on the River Irwell.  The project will be community owned.  Thirty five people have already put in some funding (from one hundred to a few thousand pounds) so that they will be community owners and have a say on how the project will progress, a vote on who is on the board, and to help promote the project providing clean, green energy directly to Bury.  Unlike many renewable installations, this means that the cooperative spirit can be part of the project and the members can work to make sure it provides real community benefit.

BREAKING NEWS – Planning for the site received! Thank you to everyone for your support. We also have the licences and will be letting people know next steps shortly.

Pioneer Share offer:  Thank you to all our Pioneers; if you have missed out this time, please watch this website and we will let you know when further share offers open for the project.  

Please see our News page for more project updates or find us on Twitter @BeeSust.

Renewable electricity will be produced from the hydro turbine with profits used to fund low carbon projects in the Bury area.  We are aiming to supply to nearby fire station with some of our energy.  Projects like this have been successful all over the country and now we want to do the same here in Bury.

We have already won the tender to develop the project at Chamberhall Weir, Bury, on land owned by Bury Council, and have funded a planning application using a pioneer share offer. Pioneers are people who want to join the co-op at the early stage and help us obtain planning and Environment Agency permits. .

There are lots of different ways in which you could help, whether it is as a volunteer, or as an investor. We hope with this website we can explain to you how our project will work and how you can help. In helping us, you will be passing on the benefits to your children and grandchildren.