Announcement: Tuesday 31st March, a public meeting at the recently refurbished Clarence pub in Bury town centre.

At the meeting, to be held on the top floor of the Clarence between 7pm and 8:30pm, the group will talk about their hopes and aims for the project, which will see a 60kW Archimedes Screw turbine installed at Chamberhall weir on the river Irwell.

Bury Council put the site out to tender, which was won by our local group, and they hope to develop the hydroelectric turbine as a community-owned project which will generate a fund for local environmental initiatives.

“It’s incredibly exciting,” said Andrew Hunt, one of the directors of the new company. “This will be the first community-owned renewable energy plant in Bury, generating clean energy and keeping the value local, instead of the benefit going to a privately owned organisation. Our Pioneer share issue gives Bury residents the chance to own a piece of history, and bring some benefit to the environment and to local projects.”

The group hopes that local people will support the scheme, and get involved.

“We can’t do it on our own,” said Rachel Getliffe, another of the directors. “None of us are getting paid for doing this – it’s just something that we all believe in. We really want more Bury people to get involved, in the original cooperative spirit.”

Public Meeting