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Bee Sustainable Limited is a Community Benefit Society, registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The rules below are the rules of the society as registered with the FCA. The Society uses the trading name Bury Community Hydro

Bee Sustainable Limited – Rules


Pioneer Share offer

Our pioneer share offer has now closed – 35 Members joined us for as little as £100 and have helped get the project through planning and other licences and permissions. Our Pioneer Share Offer document is still available though, for interest.

Pioneer share offer March 2015



A note on the printed share offer document

Unfortunately, a couple of typo’s passed through the proof reading of the document before it went to print.  The online version has been updated with the following amendments:

  • Page 12 (5.6 Assumptions) – It should read 250,000 kWh in the assumptions on annual production.
  • Page 19 (8.2 Offer Shares) – The figure in brackets should read forty thousand.